Marianna Paszkowska

Typeface Designer


Based in Thessaloniki, I am a managing Partner at Creative Minds OE.
Creative Minds OE offers consultancy services on project management, font engineering, lettering, and type design.
My current engagement is with Google on Google Fonts.

Talks & Workshops

I like to share what I have learned so far. I run workshops to teach calligraphy techniques to small groups and have lectures on font engineering and type design.

You’ve got an idea? Just drop me a line! :)

8.10.21 — Typografia, technologia i innowacja, Lublin, Poland
4.09.19 — Type Insights, ATypI, Tokyo
3-7.06.19 — Variable Fonts — Practical Guide, Webinale, Berlin
23.03.19 — Innovation in Type, Brand Day Stuttgart
26.06.18 — Meet Our Experts, London
19.05.18 — Variable Fonts for web designers — practical guide, TypoBerlin 2018, Berlin
19.05.18 — Game, Variable Fonts, Creative Mornings 2018, Berlin
12.04.18 — Variable Fonts – Beyond Production, Typolabs 2018, Berlin
9.03.18 — Shapeshifting Power — Variable Fonts, #FRTG — Typography and Branding, Linz
27.10.17 — Ultrafett Typography Festival, Bielefeld
9.06.17 — Kerning Conference, Faenza
6.04.16 — TypoLabs 2017 , Berlin
Series of workshops — Kaligrafia Przy Kawie, Gdańsk
3.09.16 — Copperplate Basics, Museum of Emigration, Gdynia
22.10.15 — Geek Girls Carrots Meetup, Gdynia